24 hours with us during lockdown

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6:00 / Amélie my youngest daughter woke up. I changed her diaper and then I breastfed her in bed and we stayed there a bit. She played with the curtains and I was answering some messages on my phone.


We’ve got dressed and played a bit in her new room, I moved Lilly her stuff to Sophia’s room so Amélie could have her own room too. The oldest girls are sleeping together for a while now, they love that, so why not ‘officially’ move. While she was playing I did my makeup and got dressed. 


Around 7:00 / everybody else was sleeping. I heard my husbands alarm clock go off while Amélie and I were walking downstairs.

I cleaned the kitchen while I was making coffee. Got the dog outside and put the clothes in the washing machine and dryer because I forgot last night. 

7:30 / my husband got to his work and Sophia, my oldest woke up. I was watching the news on tv for a bit as Amélie was playing with her toys.

At 8:00 / Lilly came downstairs too, I was drinking my - now cold - coffee.

8:30 / I’ve put Amélie in the carrier and am making pancakes with forest fruit sauce. Sophia and Lilly chose the breakfast. 

9:30 / Amélie woke up and I’m feeding her half of a banana with tiny pieces of the pancake and the sauce.

The two youngest played together while I helped Sophia doing homework.

At 12:00 / I’m breastfeeding Amélie again, while I’m working on the laptop. She falls asleep on my lap, the door bell is ringing and I let Sophia open it, Amélie her bed came in for her new room. I want to open the packages I badly but I rather let her sleep a bit :) the girls are playing in the garden, it's finally dry outside. 

So I’ll continue my work.

13:00 / she woke up, so I could start clean the house, I vacuumed downstairs and upstairs, did the toilet and bathroom and cleaned the kitchen. Also the machines got another round of washing. A huge package arrived, normally I order everything for the kids but this time it was all for me, the girls loved help me unpack and give their unsalted opinion :) 

14:00 / Now have lunch together, a bit late but whatever, we aren’t running anywhere.  

Normally we go outside a lot but this is the first day it’s raining so I asked the girls what they want to do, well I could have guessed they want to watch television/ I told them we will watch a ‘big’ movie together. We chose Narnia. That’s a BIG movie indeed.

It’s 16:00 / now and I’m painting my room some more, which I couldn’t finish yesterday. I can’t just sit and watch a movie for 2 1/2 hours, I have too much on my mind for that. Amélie was in the carrier on my back while I was painting. 

17:00 / Amélie is sleeping in the carrier again, I can quickly put another recipe on my webpage. And after that I will make dinner, not sure yet what. It is a possibility I’m going to call my husband and ask him to bring Turkish pizza.

18:30 / he brought pizza :) tomorrow we’ll balance it with healthy food. It’s all about balance anyway.

19:30 / Sophia and Lilly have played in the bathtub for a while, while I made everything ready downstairs. Bernard washed their hair and brushed their teeth. They came downstais to kiss me goodnight, we've read a story and they went to bed.

At 20:30 / we are watching tv while Amélie is breastfeeding/sleeping on my lap. We are drinking tea and I’m falling asleep as usually.
So I’ll get to bed with Amélie around 22:30.
Bernard makes a bottle formula and I take a shower while he gives her the bottle. We’re hoping for a peaceful night to start fresh tomorrow.


I hope you liked our 24 hour life, I've wrote this for @realmomstermag

everyday is different but overwhelming, some days I can handle everything some times absolutely not and that's okay. We moms have a full heart but sometimes we feel empty and blue, please call your mom/grandmother or other mom friends and talk about it❤️ They maybe felt the same some days and can chear you up, or drink wine with you :)  


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